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Wed/Thur/Sun: 12 noon to 7pm.          Friday/Sat: 12 noon to 8pm.          Closed Monday and Tuesday 

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Fairmont Pizza & Ice Cream Parlour

1 4992 Fairmont Frontage Rd, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1, CA

(250) 345-6233

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Welcome to Fairmont Pizza

We are a small, owner operated business located in the beautiful Columbia Valley in British Columbia, Canada.
We specialize in pizza, of course, but also have delicious ice cream and a candy store! We strive to keep everything fresh and homemade. From our pizza dough to all our delicious desserts and our candy! We bring in all kinds of unique candy like retro (astro pops, razzles, fizz candy) and british (milky bar, curly wurly, Turkish delight) and have much, much more in store!
We try to keep pizza by the slice on the go at all times and to make everyone feel welcome with gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options. We are now carrying the Screamin' Brothers treats.
Check out our menu here or stop by and take a look, you'll be surprised at our selection of food and treats and you'll be hit by a lovely aroma as you walk in the door! We're always cooking a pizza or ribs or baking up some delicious treats.